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Monday, November 23, 2015

American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock

American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock
Director: Marcus Koch

Cast: Dan Ellis, Norm J. Castellano, Barron Christian, Lillian McKinney, Gene Palubicki, Alberto Giovannelli, Maureen Pelamati, Shiva Rodriguez, Andy Winton

Unearthed Films / Oddtopsy Films


Last year in 2014, Unearthed Films founder and first-time director Stephen Biro unleashed gorified Hell when he relaunched the underground Japanese Guinea Pig series with an American flavor. The fledgling American Guinea Pig films started out with a blood-splattered bang with Biro's American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore. He introduced the United States to some of the most visceral and graphic depictions of mutilation that have ever been filmed. Those incredible practical gore effects were done by Oddtopsy FX, a company created by blood and guts guru Marcus Koch (100 Tears, We Are Still Here). Marcus has done the effects for more than 60 movies and even directed three features and a short for the unfortunately overlooked anthology Hi-8 (Horror Independent 8). Now it is time for Koch to take over the reigns on the already classic American Guinea Pig series with his entry Bloodshock.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Breeders Gonna Breed

Director: Tim Kincaid

Cast: Teresa Farley, Lance Lewman, Frances Raines

Olive Films / Region A / Unrated / 1.85:1 widescreen (1080p) / DTS-HD stereo / 77 minutes



Sometimes when I'm sitting in my personal movie theater (aka my recliner in my living room), my wife will walk by and inquire about the movie I am watching. This time she simply asked, "What are you watching?" for which I simply replied, "Breeders". Being the quick-witted quipper she is, she made the joke, "Is it about heterosexuals?", referring to the word "breeders" that homosexuals use for straight people because they can, well, have children together. Little did she or I know how she was right on target. The director of Breeders, Tim Kincaid, is a gay man who may be better known as his gay porn making alter ego "Joe Gage" or even "Mac Larson". Could it just be a HUGE coincidence?
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